The Remaining Rak’at of Maghrib

In the Maghrib prayer with the imam You have shared in the last Rak’at, You will complete the process of Ruku ,Sajadah with the imam peacefully and being quiet to be sat down after reading Althyat prostrating, magnifying the greeting of Allah, after the Slam of Imam You will stand up saying the Sana سبحانك اللهم, andاعود بالله من الشيطن الرجيم and سم الله الرحمن الرحيم and Surah al-Fatihah ‘praising Lord of the Universe’ reciting any other Surah then he will turn his face to complete the process of Ruku and Sajdah, after bowing and prostrating to be sat down and then he will turn him to stand up for  thirdٌ Rakat, saying Takbir(الله اكبر)  after the reading Altathiyyat, then he will repeat Surah al Fatiha and other, then he will turn his face bowing and prostrating to the last qadha Rakah after completing the Ruku and Sajdah and repeating Attahiyyat, then You will turn your face reciting Slam to right then left side. If such a Rakah without other Surah has prayed with Imam, You made yourself the winner of two Rakat with Surah al Fatiha and other Surah.

If you have taken two Rakat with Imam ,now You will sit idle after repeating attahyat then You will start fondling him left standing and reciting the Sana such as سبحانك اللهم  ‘ا, اعود بالله من الشيطن الرجيم andبسم الله الرحمن الرحيم and Surah al-Fatihah’praising Lord of the Universe’ and reciting other Surah and turning himself to bow down and prostrate to be sat down after Ruku and Sajdah and Attahiyyat in the last qadh, now you have fulfilled three rakat completely.