The Prayer of Travih

There are 20 Rakat of Trawih in Ramadhan ul Mubarak will be prayed as Sunnate Muakkidah after the prayer of Isha, and its Sunnah, the recitation of the holy Quran completely in the Trawih ,is the Sunnate Muakkidah, The prayer of Trawih will be prayed 2,2 Rakat, in group of the Jamat. In every Rak’at the Imam will repeat Surah fatiha. it will not be missed in any Rakat .After every four Rakat the group of Jamat will be in rest of the sitting for a while reciting the prayer given bellow as



After the prayer of the Trawih, Witr will be prayed in group also. The missed prayer of Trawih, could be prayed in group after the proceeding of the Jama’ah.