Information of the Holy Quran in brief

The Quran is the word of Allah(سبحانه تعالي), Allah(سبحانه تعالي) has claimed responsibility for its own safety. As Allah (سبحانه تعالي)has added in the Qur’an: نحن نزلنا الذكروإنا له لحافظون’ We have revealed the holy Quran, and we have right to protect it, the total Books of Allah (سبحانه تعالي) are the four, the Torah, Zaboor, Gospel, and the Quran. Allah (سبحانه تعالي) has taken the responsibility of protection of the holy Quran, from the time of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) to the present status similarly not changed, any kind of the changes will never be made, and the holy Qur’an, revealed in 23 years according to the needs, the Qur’an is the right way of life, the events are explained in the holy Quran as a sign of God. The greatest feature of the reciting of the holy Qur’an is totally different from each other, many time you have to read or recite the holy Quran you have seen other test, seeing, reciting, the hearing the holy Quran are the good causes, it is obligatory to believe on it, and denying it, the disbelieving. The Comprehensive Reading of the holy Quaran in early morning, creates impression. It means that affects the internal and external conditions of the life.