Description of Wudhu (Ablution)

  • What is the Wudhu (ablution): When a man has decided to perform a prayer, he will take water first in a clean container, then he will wash his hands first to ankle joints, then he will rinsing out mouth 3 time, and then he will brush teeth (Preferably Meswak), then will sniffing water three time to nostril. He will wash mouth 3 times . He will wash his hands till elbows and will wipe his head and ears, then he will wash his legs till ankles. It is the complete procedure of Wudhu (Ablution).
  • There are 4 duties  to perform Wudhu (Ablution). (1) Wash your face from his/her forehead to fourth head ,then from an ear  to another ear. (2) Wash your hands to elbows. (3) to wipe out the fourth head (4) Wash legs to instinct, including foot and ankle, there are some method of the prophets such as intention, reciting Bismillah, cleaning teeth (Meswak) , in order to perform Wudhu (Ablution) rinsing out mouth 3 time ,sniffing water 3 time into nostril etc.