Description of the Prayer

What is Salah? It is a special method and way to serve and worship Allahسبحانه تعالي  .The prayer essentially needs seven things to considered before reciting prayers, without fulfilling these conditions the prayers will not be completed. These things are called the terms and the conditions of the prayers.

(a) be free from impurity of body and pollution. There are two kinds of impurities, stools which will be visible, looked as if these wi become in seen, such as stools, bloods, etc., and which will not come to be seen, such as impurity of body or in condition of need to be bathed or without ablution,

(b) Fair and clean cloth but pollution will not be in clothes,

(c) The place where you will pray, will be neat and cleaned,

(d) Essential parts, hidden parts of the body of man, from the navel to the knees will be covered by clothes. And whole body of woman will be covered, except the face and palms.

(e) At the time of prayer will be prayed, if you have recited the prayer before the time, your prayer will not be performed in proper way,

(f) The direction toward the Makkah is very important, the prayer will not performed without turning face to Kaba , If in a forest or in the desolate place, where the Qibla direction is not cleared ,he will pray after investigation of specific times and direction of qibla

(g) The intention, conditionally essential for specific prayers to be performed in specific time.