The Method of Burial Proceeding

The grave will be digging in with the length of half man, which will be equal to man’s length in long, Grave with inner side space will be better than box shaped grave ,if the nature of the land is polite watering and  with fearing to be collapsed  after dinging more in inner side of the grave. In this case, the grave with inner side space, will not be digging more. When the grave will be finished, the dead body will be entered  in grave from the west side, the dead body will be put down from the west side of the grave. The lifter of the dead body will stand up turning their face to the West ,placing the dead body in the grave from the west side. The lifter will be in odd number or couple in digit: Taq means 3,5,7, and juft means 2,4,6 in digit according to way of the holy prophet, the Prophet Muhammad who had been placed in his sacred grave by four person, in the time of placing the dead body in the grave بسم الله علي ملة رسول الله  صلي الله عليه وسلم will be recited , it is Mustahab. the dead body will be laid down on right turning face to the west, it is also fevered (masnoon). And the knots (girah) of the funeral will be opened after placing the dead body in grave.

The women’s dead body will be placed in grave in veil , it is Mustahab, in case ,the dead body will be opened soon ,the veil (Pardah) will be necessarily coverable. At the time of replacing dead body in grave, the covering veil (Pardah) will not be allowed, except in rainy season, ice raining and hotness of the sun. in these case the veil (pardah) will be allowed.

The Grave will be wrapped by that dinged dry mud which was become out from this grave, excess dry mud will not be thrown on the grave, it is Makruh (un favourable). The throwing dry mud will be beginning from the side of the head of the dead body. Every person will throw three hands of dry mud, in first hand they will recite منها خلقناكم, in second hand وفيها نعيدكم.and in third hand و منها نخرجكم تارة أخري

Warning: After dropping dry muds, their hands will not be exulted as the sounds of the clippings will be listened from distance. see it kindly.

After lying dead body in grave the stay on grave yard for his forgiveness, or for reciting the holy Quran for mercy or blessing of Allah is Mustahab. Water Spraying on the grave after the dropping dry mud on grave is Mustahab, digging grave in square meter is disapproved by, the grave will be prominent like hump of camel.

Its height will be the length of span, any kind of building will not be constructed on the grave for beauty, it is unlawful and forbidden. With intention of strangeness is disapproved. setting the written plate on the grave for hints is permitted, according to the needs, otherwise it will be unlawful to all.