(Hindi) कफन

The Description of Funeral

The dead body of the gents will be wrapped by three clothes (A) sheet (2) Trousers (apron) (3) A Kurata
Woman will be wrapped in the five textile sheet (a) a wrapper (a waist (apron) (3) A Kurta (4) a head cover (5) a chest cover and it will be wide enough to be tied.

The Method of Burial Interment

A chest binding sheet will be longer from the head to legs and covering sheets will be more longer than it,: 1 kurta will be  equal from  throat  to legs. not shirt collar nor sleeve cuff  will not be existed ,and head wrapper will be three hands longer, chest wrapper will be long to below of loin and it will be wide as to cover it.
The Method of  Burial Interment of woman: At first three peace of binding hack of will be put down bellow of head , legs and middle, then sheet will be spread out first and trouser will be opened then Kurta will be spread openly. Upper side of Kurta will be collected in the side of head then dead body will be laid down in funeral sheets. The head of the dead body will be entered in Kurta Then Kurta will be equally spreading out to the legs, putting his head to legs lying on the shroud. The shroud is wrapped, then three hack will bound after rolling off the funeral by the left side then from right side. This he man’s shroud.

Method of funeral of Women


At first the chest hack ,Sheets ,Trouser ,and Kurta will be upper of all, then dead body of women will laid down on it. Then dead body will be dressed by Kurta then her hair will be divided into two part to be put up on the Kurta over chest and head will be laid down on the hack sheet of head, or on head cover then dead body will be covered by left then by right, and knot of chest will be bound tightly, or if the chest hack will be placed on Kurta ,there no problem in funeral.