The Description of Deceased Bath of the Funeral

The way of bathing of Dead body of man is that a wide plate of wood has been brought out then frankincense will be bunt 3 or 5 or 7 times. The dead body will be placed. The cloths of the dead body will be drawn up. The other cloth will be brought out to be used in cleaning the dead body, so that will be the fat and colored), then it will be made to be used to clean dead body. Do not place your hand inner side of the cloth of dead body, and not even look at it, but they ‘will wrap pieces of cloths or gloves in their hands. They will put  their hands inner sides of clothes from knees to the navel  to be washed by the water, then ablution will be made as the mouth will be washed then two hands to the knell will be washed  then his head  will be wiped out without rinsing mouth or sniffing water to the nostril, then both feet’s will be washed but  water will not be put into the mouth or  nose, but cotton will be to made in wholes for touching, and hands will be washed to knee-joint, but three teeth and gums and nose holes to be washed  by wet cloths. It will be better If the deceased, died in sick or menstruation and childbirth, then it will be necessary to reach the water into the nostril and mouth.
The better way of wash of the dead body is that the cotton will be put into mouth, nostril ,and ears. After Wudhu the head and beard will be washed by soap etc. then the dead will be laid on the left side then the cooked water of berry leaves will be poured on head of the dead body to feet’s three times, until it will be reached the left side, then he will be laid down on his right side, then the water will be poured three times on his head to feet’s and so much water will be poured that will reach the right side.
The dead body will be supported to be sat down then pressure will be made on his stomach to release materials then he will be laid down on the left side, then his body from head to the feet’s will be washed by mixed water of berry leaves then the whole body will be dried by cloths and perfume will be made on his parts of body of Wudhu particular like nose ,face, hands ,feet’s and kneels, in case , the dead body of the gents, his beard will be massaged by perfume.