Description of Fasting

Fastig; means the stopping three things, (1) Cooking foods and eating (2) Drinking (3) joined to his wife, .Fasting is divided into three thing

(1) Obligatory  (2) duty (3) optional Duty (Nafal)
There are two types of Obligatory fasting (1) Fasting of Ramadan (2) Paying Fasting (Fasting of Kaffara) of the month of Ramadan. There are two types of duties of the fasting (1) Offering fasting (Nazar), (2) Optional Fasting which are liable to be breached, it will be repeated later as a duty fasting.

Voluntary Fasting: Fasting in Various dates and days, such as Fasting of 2 days of ninth, tenth, or eleventh days of fasting, Fasting of the date of the ninth of Jil Hijjah , Fasting  of fifteenth of the month of Sha’ban,, Fasting of 6 days of Shawwal, the Fasting of the Ayyame Bidh ,means the fasting of  thirteenth ,fourteenth, fifteenth dates of each month,, fasting, of the Monday and Thursday.

In the month of Ramadan, free adult Muslims man and woman are obliged to be lived in compulsory of the Fasting. If a man knowingly breaks the fasting and there both (Qadha and kaffara) are required to be performed seriously. It means that he will keep up his one-day return and penalty means that he constantly had forgotten leaks of fast of the 60 days. If the fasting was broken, so he’ll just to make up repentance and he will repeat it. the penalty will not be paid, the sexual wet does not break the fasting for suppositories are, however, hand practices break the fasting, if a person or a serious illness were cut by fever, they do not fast, but he will should pay fine, if he or she might to be too old, he will give grain equivalent of sadqah Fitr or its value to poor instead of his fasting or the price will be paid or foods of morning and evening to be distributed. The feeding will be redeemed.