The Description of Bath (Ghusl)

The Method of Bath is that anyone will washed his hands first, then discharge urine and wash the place of discharging urine .and he will wash Nijasat Haqiqi (true impurity) is called Nijasate Haqiqi, (which will be visible like urine, stools, wine, bloods) then will perform wodhu (ablution) and he will pour little water on the body to Robb it, then will pour water 3 time on the whole the body.  It was the method and lovely way of the holy prophet (peace be upon him,). Three things are obligatory in Wudhu (ablution)

(1) Rinsing out the mouth,

(2) Sniffing water into the nostril,

(3) Pouring water on whole body. There are Some lovely way of the holy Prophets to perform bath(Ghusl) like ablution, discharging urine, washing hands to ankle joint.


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