Visit Of Madina Manavara

Praise be to Allah after the presentation of the pillars of Hajj the visiting manners  of Medinah is going to be mentioned. The  Rules and Regulation of visit of the Tomb of the holy Prophet are carried out, after the all best features and the largest the things  are the Tomb of the Prophet. In a Hadith of the Holy Prophet of Allah is, who performed the pilgrimage, not visited my Tomb wronged did.(Kazul Ummal 12369) When buildings of Medina will be busted and the trees looked should be stood up  reciting Drood Shrif, and the prayer with eagerness welcoming Medinah.When You are reaching near exit of Medinah. The medina in the interior“ when the Medina to get closer to take if the following prayer will be read sincerely  بسم الله لاحول ولا قوة إلا بالله رب ادخلني مدخل صدق وأخرجني مخرج صدق وجعل لي من لدنك سلطانا نصيرا

With hobbies, and the blessings Medinah reciting Drood Sharif as Oh my Lord I am entering in the City of Yours Oh my Beloved Prophet .While walking to it, please recite prayer, Oh God, I entered, please special blessings should be given on me and save me from the streaming source. ”

The routines of mosque of the Prophet, After reaching“ in Medina its requirements must be finished doing the ablution or bath and changed the cloth first then inter Mosque relaxing and smiling in the mosque of the Prophet at present. Enter the right leg reciting the following prayers.بسم الله والصلوة والسلام علي رسول

الله اللهم إغفرلي ذنوبي وافتح أبواب رحمتك نويت سنة


The You should go to that part  which was recognized as Riyadhul Jannah, where green carpets are lied down. After reaching here You will pray first two Rakat تحیۃ المسجد  You will pray it any where due to reason of the multitude crowed.