Visit of Makkah

Jannatul Mualla”is the cemetery of the Makkah, the Companions of the multi-number companion of the Prpphet (PBUH) and the Holy Prophet’s first wife Hazrat Khudaija Alkubra also had been buried in this cemetery, ”Jabal Abu Qabees “ is situated out side of the Haram Mosque


near the Mountain of the Safa is situated

and where the holy Prophet of Islam had invited the people of the Mountain.That is Mountain which had been created first at the time of the creation of the world. Allah had created it first.”This is the birth place of the Prophet may Allah Almighty bless upon him “this is the place where the Holy Prophet was born.”and where the Cave Hira“is situated and called Jabal Noor and Jable Hira which are situated here, where the cave in the significance, and where the first revelation of the holy Quran by the Giriel had occurred the place on the Prophet (peace be upon Him). ”The cave of thowr“; In emigration travel of the Prophet Muhammad   Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique had been remained with him, three days in this cave’..It is inferred that there was the house, named Dare Arqam where in the early Islamic era, the Holy Prophet, (peace be upon Him) stealing the prayer with His companions. ”The Mosque of Jin is situated near Makkah and on the way of returning from Makkah where the Prophet  ﷺ had prayed, and where the groups of Jins had been collected to accept Islam after hearing the Quran. they had gathered.They had accept Islam. There the mosque of Jin was built and where the Prophet ”

“ the messenger of Allah had fixed the flag of the victory. This is the place of the victory and flag had been installed after the Fatah of Makkah.
”There is the Tan’eem Mosque “from where Hadhrat Aisha had performed the journey to the place of Hajjatul Wida’a and frm where Hadhrat Aisha had tied the ihram of Umrah with her brother Hazrat Abdur Rahman, and where the mosque of’ A’ishah was also built.

”The mosque Khaif“is situated in Mina as a big mosque where 70 prophets of Allah had been embedded. ”The Mosque of Namira is situated on the corner of“ Arafat and on the edge, it is the big mosque which is named Namira Mosque.

Masharul Haram Mosque It is the big Mosque I Muzdalifah. In the journey, the holy Prophet had passed  the whole night here .And there are”the mosque “of Israhaha.where He had prayed the Prayer of Zuhar and Asr on 13 dhulhijjah during the returning back from the field of Hajjatul Wida’a.