Rules And Regulation Of The Tawaf

Understand well the following Rules and regulation of the circumambulation of the holy Ka’ba, Hajre Aswad had been fixed on a corner of Haram Mosque, and there are four corners. When You will be stand up towards the closet place of Hajre Aswad, there are the Rukne Iraqi now in Your right direction, then Rukne Shami, then Rukne Yamani. Hajre Aswas is the sacred stone of the Paradise, round circumambulation (Tawwaf) will be begin from Hajre Aswad and will be ended at Hajre Aswad. Reciting the Talbiya, will be stopped now which was begun before. The men should release his right shoulder making it easy: means they will leave their right shoulder free, then they will stop himself here standing in equal direction of Hajar Aswad. Come into the equal direction of Hajre Aawad. There are the green lights, when you will turn your back to the side of the green light, so that you will stand there as the Hajre Aswad will come in Your right direction. Then you will make the intention to perform the Umrah, praying “Oh Allah! I am walking the round the Ka’ba , make it easy and  accept it. After making the intention of mind, You will come in right and in equal direction  of Hajre Aswad reciting that Oh my Lord just I came  perfectly for circumambulation from Hajre Aswad ,make it easy for me and accept it, after the making intention means come  right side of you in front of the Hajre Aswad, raising up your hands to your ears, like in the prayer ,  and recite بسم الله الله أكبر لا إله إلا الله والله اكبر الله اكبرولله الحمد “welcoming  the sacred House of Allah, it is called Istiqbalia Ka’abah. It will be done one time in beginning of every round of the circumambulation of the holy Ka’ba. After the completing the Istibalia Ka’ba take down your hands after this warm welcoming, if there the chance will be given to kiss the Hajre so kiss it, if there no chance will be provided to kiss due to reason of the huge crowds so just come in front of Hajre Aswad. Then You will lift your hands in equal of your ears towards to Hajre Aswad like as,the appearance of the back of your hands will be towards of You and the appearance of your hands will be towards the Hajre Aswad then You will kiss your hands both, this kind of the kissing in Shariah such as Kissing the Hajre Aswad ,This kind of the kissing is called Istalam. Then recite the following prayerالله أكبر الله أكبر لا إله إلا الله والصلوة والسلام علي رسول الله .After the greetings the holy Prophet” You will turn your face after Istilam, and your chest and feets will be towards the right. Then begin circumambulation around Ka’aba and recite”this prayer in this Tawwafاللهم إني اسئلك العفو والعافية في الدنيا والآخرة ربنا آتنا في الدنيا حسنة وفي الآخرة حسنة وقنا عذاب  النار when You would reached the Rukne Yamani from here, You will recite this prayer from here to Hajre Aswad. It is Masnoon.

After the completing the round of Tawwaf, You will arrive on the Hajre, You will do Istilam of Hajre Aswad, so this a circle and two kisses will be considered Istilam, thus you will complete seven round of Tawwaf, then eighth kisses will be considered Istilam Thus one Tawwaf was completed. During the round of Tawwaf, seting the face, chest, and head towards of Ka’ba is forbidden, during the Tawwaf seeing the Ka’ba deliberately will be forbidden and considered Makroh Tahrimi. Then left shoulder will be setup towards the Ka’ba. After the completing the round of Tawwaf of the Ka’ba when Istilam will be done then the face and chest will be set up towards the Ka’ba, it will be Mustahab .During round of the Tawwaf You will recite the prayers, drood shreef etc. blessings Him, if they not memorized they will pray in their own languages and by heart, they can speak talks of needs, but talking and calling on mobile. Do not waste time in taking pictures of any place of Ka’ba. Remembering that the Talbiyah which you were constantly reciting for a long time will be finished on round of Tawwaf of Umrah. During the Tawwaf many persons are kissing Rukne Yamani, and touching off from the distance is not correct. The Mas’alah is that when you arrived at Rukne Yamani and crowd would not be there and you approached it being nearer, so touching it by hands or by his left hand are Sunnah. The kissing it not considered as sunnah. But touching only will be considered Sunnah being nearer to it, if there will be the crowd, it will not be touched from distance. Also note that setting perfume in ihram, touching smells will be often restricted too.The every part of Haram, and everywhere in Hteem ,Multazim would be with perfume and each location the Rukne  Yamani  would be full with perfumes. Therefore do not touch any place in the state of doing Tawwaf of Ka’ba.

After the round of Tawwaf you have to perform two Rakat prayers of Wajibutttawwaf.Two Rakat will be considered obligatory after each round of Tawwaf, if you will find space in front of the Maqame Abraham will be fine and better for you to perform two Rakat of Wajibut Tawwaf, otherwise it will be prayed anywhere where You will find the place, but where You have to perform obligatory prayer of two Rakat. You will end Istibagh in the time of obligatory prayer which You have in the State of Ihram. You have a beautiful golden stone now in the inner side of netting of the place  of Ibrahim, where the marks of the feet of Abraham, then You will come in Multazim if it will be easy, between the Hajre Aswad and between the door of Baitullah there is a part of wall of 2 and half meter  It was called Multazim .It is the place of the acceptance of the Prayers .where the holy Prophet had been keeping  and attaching himself with it,  putting His cheek on it  and it was surrounded by him as the child, attaching himself with his mother. Then you will come to Zamzam where is not the well of Zamzam now, everywhere the mole. When You will drink the water of Zamzam You will recite the following prayer اللهم إني أسئلك علما نافعا ورزقا واسعا وشفاء من كل داء The third action of Umrah  is the Sa’ai between Safa and Marwa .After walking of some steps into a mountain of Safa where the green lights are setup under roof the way . After walking to some steps in Shadow where the mountain of Safa is situated, the slightest marks of the mountain are remained now,  Marwa hill  on the distance from here. The seven round between Safa and Marwa is called, “Sa’yI”. Before the beginning of Sa’ie you come to the side of Hajre Aswad where you were kissing it for a long time. like this you will lift your hands reciting الله اكبرلا إله إلاالله  والصلوة والسلام علي رسول الله  then kiss your hands, this is the ninth kiss, then come on Safa hill  reciting such intention, as اللهم إني أريد العمرة ويسرها لي وتقبلها مني “Oh Allah! I performing Umrah’,so accept it from me and make it easy for me , then You will lift your hands  to wards Ka’ba then recite the prayer  from Allah, this is the place of prayer, and the Place of acceptance, then go to down of the hill towards of Marwa. After reaching Marwah where You will lift Your hands toward the Ka’bah then will pray from Allah, it is also a place of prayer, and the place of acceptance, now your round is completed fully, then You will come to the side of Safa, where two rounds of Your Sa’yi will be completed. Thus the seventh vertigo round will be completed. Between Safa and Marwa, where you have seen green lights where the Marwa and where the ceiling and wall,and green lights  in the sections of the floor and this part of the walls are called “Million Akhzreen”, The walking faster will be considered Sunnah for men in this section, but women will keep him in moving, they will never to run. Then this prayer will be recited as اللهم إغفرلي وارحم  وتجاوز إنك انت الاعز الأكرم  After the Sa’ie if will be possible to perform two Rakat of voluntary prayer it will be prayed in the Haram Mosque .It is will be the possible effort from You and it is also recommended.

The three action are completed now, first, Ihram of the Ihram, second round of Tawwaf, third effort of sa’ie, (Halq) fourth cutting hair from the roots. Some people are cutting some hairs, You do not see people, but get cutting well or shorten the whole head, if the hair of you is big, you can cut it by scissors, but must cut off the hair as the whole finger it is obligatory, if the hair are small than one part of finger the Halq will be obligatory, the woman’s hair, at least the quarter of whole hair will be cut in equivalent to a part of the finger. The hair of the woman will be divide into three parts and the whole finger will be cut off from very part, as required rightly. Thus obligatory cutting will be performed just. Now the all restrictions will be finished. Wash your body ,wear your dresses and sewn garments.

Entering Haram Mosque

You have to perform ablution to “go towards the Haram” Mosque with humility and reciting Talbiya frequently. You to have to enter the any door of the Masjide Haram , Place right foot first according to Sunnah with the intention of mind to make the I’atikaf (retreat), so unless you will be rewarded by retreat until remaining in the Sacred mosque. At the time of entering You will recite the following prayer بسم الله والصلوة والسلام      علي رسول الله اللهم إغفرلي ذنوبي وإفتح لي أبواب رحمتك نويت سنة الإعتكاف”(Tirmidhi  Shreef P.413).

When you reached inside of the Mosque sufficiently  or entered fully You will recite  الله أكبرthree times “لاإله إلاالله” three times ” and الحمد لله three time “praising   الله سبحانه تعالي ” Some scholars said that when they are looking at الله    بيتthey will recite orientation  of Eid Prayer one time as  الله اكبر لاإله إلاالله والله اكبر ولله الحمد praising Allah, “and maximizing the prayers.

At the time of looking on the Hram Mosque all prayers would be accepted by Allha  تعاليسبحانه. (Shami, Volume 3 / p. 205), it is also recommended that you will call recite this prayer as: “Oh Allah! Oh my Lord accept my legitimate aspirations to my death and accept my that prayers which You like. Except these you can also, recite other prayers which You desired, You can ask , how long You can recite it, for your selves, for our families, and the people. You will earnestly will pray to Allah تعاليسبحانه , then Allah تعاليسبحانه will surely accept Your all prayers.

The Difference Between The Three Kinds Of Hajj

In Hajje Ifrad: the People will have the intention of the performing Haj only ” , Hajje Qiran will be perform  with the intention of Haj and  Umrah both”. And Hajje Tamatto will be with the intention of Umrah only. The second difference : Ihram will be remained to the end of the process of Haj in Hajjae Ifrad and in Hajje Qiran and Umrah  and  Ihram will be put on after the completing the process of Umra in Tamtto then the Hujjaj will be remained living in their clothes then they begins the process of Ihram on 8 /zul Hijjah. (Shami 755 / to 365)

The third difference: “In the Qiran and Tamattoa sacrifice will be recommended compulsory, when Qurbani w in Hajje Ifrad will be recommended Mustahab.

“Hajje Tamatoa” is recommended preferably better in all of three above categories. You have to do first Umrah after reaching to Mkakkah, and have to make the intention of the mind such as اللهم إني أريد العمرة ويسرها لي وتقبلها مني “” Oh Allah! So I intend to do Umrah kindly accept it from me .then You will recite Talbia لبيك  لبيك

لبيك    إن الحمد والنعمة لك والملك لا شريك لك

The Hajj will Be Divided Into Three Kinds

(1) “Hajje Ifrad” in which the intention of Haj and Umrah both will be begin from Meeqat and after reaching Mecca his Ihram will be ended, preferably, the sacrifice in Hajj is recognized by the Prophet (PBUH). , Ghunyatun Nasik:211,with referennce of book Kitbul Masael,Volume 3 / p. 911).

(2) “Hajje Qiran,”is called that in which the process of Ihram of Haj and Umrah both will be begin from Meeqat,and in which the schedule and the process of Umrah will be performed first by this Ihram  then he will complete  the process of Haj by this Ihram, with the same intention, and in which the sacrify of the cattle will be considered obligatory. (Shami, Volume 3 / AM 455)

(3) “Hajje Tamatto’a” In which, the Hajjaj will begin the process of Ihram with intention of Umrah only from Meeqat and after reaching Makkah he will taking off the Ihram, then he will begin the process of Ihram for Hajj since 8 / Zul Hijjah. This method and way are very easy than others in which less restriction was made, and in which the public are given advices to complete the process of Haj easily.