The Method Of The Ehram And Its Arrangement

The First pillar of Haj and Umarah is Ihram, before the beginning of the process of Ihram You shall cut Your hair from  its roots to be cleaned headed, and you shall clean the hair of bellow navel  and cut the kneels to be cleaned. The Bathing (for freshness of the whole body)is the Sunnat before the beginning of the Ihram, otherwise You shall perform Wudhu (Ablution).The 2 sheets without tailored or sewn are confined for  the Ihram of the gents, one of them will be used as a sheet (Tahband) and second will be used as covering or wrapping sheets of the body. Now Ihram was not begun now, Ihram will be begun after making intention of the mind and recitation of the following prayers اللهم لبيك لا شريك لك لبيك إن الحمد والنعمة والشكرلك. After the binding Ihram You shall cover your head by upper side of this sheets then You shall recite 2 Rakat of Nafal of Ihram, but It will not be prayed in disapproved time conditionally. You can perform it after wearing cap, because the Ihram was not begun now. It will be better that the sheets of will be bound in your tnent ,then the Nafl of Ihram will be prayed at the tent also. You will not make intention of Ihram now. When the Airplane will be gone on flight, the Intention of Ihram will be made suddenly, without waiting time of the  Announcement. Before the reaching of Airplane in area of Meeqat. You shall not sleep before the entering in the area of the Meeqat. In case you have passed the Area of Meeqat without binding Ihram Dam will be imposed necessary, means You shall scarify a sheep or goat after reaching in the Area of Harame Muqaddas. You will be late in make intention of Ihram after the going of the airplane on sky. These Advises were given for precaution. In case, your flight became late or by any reason the Hajjam Kiram not reached Makkah so the process of the binding of Ahram will be difficult to be followed. You shall not open the dresses of Ihram till, you would scarify one animal in Hram Makki so that it will be better to make intention after the going of the airplane on flight

Who are going to Medina in strait, they will not make Ihram from here, according to the schedule when they will leave from Medina to Makkah, then they will bind their Ihram. Because the Meeqat of is “ZulHulaifah” .