Ihram For Women

A woman will live in her tailored clothes, socks, gloves, jewelry can wear too, but her face will must be cleared,  from forehead to chin, but lest there be privacy, cape-like veil will be on her head , which will also cover without touching the face are common in a market, woman will cover her head with the veil to make up little handkerchief or cloth over the head for it, so that the hair from his eyes will be covered, or to have a handkerchief or cloth on her head is not part of the Ihram, head must be opened  to be wiped out, Masah will not be on the fabric. If a woman is in a state of uncleanness ,she will bind ihram in this state, but will not pray 2 Rakat of Ihram. After reaching Mecca She will not enter in the Haram until the purification, when she will be purified and be bathed then she will enter in the Sacred Mosque to perform the Sa’yi and finished Umrah.