How will be made intention of mind

The intention of the mind will be considered by heart, if you will recite it by heart, it will be better for you. The following Prayer will be recited by you as اللهم إني أريد العمرة ويسرها لي وتقبلها مني with the intention of mind” O Allah!  I want to intend to begin the process of Umrah Oh My Lord make it easy for me and accept it from me.

With the intention of the mind the man will recite it loudly لبيك لبيك لبيك إن الحمد والنعمة لك والملك لا شريك لك لبيك  اللهم and women will recite it with low voice: ” This prayer is called Talbiyah. This is a prayer of pilgrimage and it will be repeatedly recited at the time of every occasion and any time it will be recited.