How will be made intention of mind

The intention of the mind will be considered by heart, if you will recite it by heart, it will be better for you. The following Prayer will be recited by you as اللهم إني أريد العمرة ويسرها لي وتقبلها مني with the intention of mind” O Allah!  I want to intend to begin the process of Umrah Oh My Lord make it easy for me and accept it from me.

With the intention of the mind the man will recite it loudly لبيك لبيك لبيك إن الحمد والنعمة لك والملك لا شريك لك لبيك  اللهم and women will recite it with low voice: ” This prayer is called Talbiyah. This is a prayer of pilgrimage and it will be repeatedly recited at the time of every occasion and any time it will be recited.

The Method Of The Ehram And Its Arrangement

The First pillar of Haj and Umarah is Ihram, before the beginning of the process of Ihram You shall cut Your hair from  its roots to be cleaned headed, and you shall clean the hair of bellow navel  and cut the kneels to be cleaned. The Bathing (for freshness of the whole body)is the Sunnat before the beginning of the Ihram, otherwise You shall perform Wudhu (Ablution).The 2 sheets without tailored or sewn are confined for  the Ihram of the gents, one of them will be used as a sheet (Tahband) and second will be used as covering or wrapping sheets of the body. Now Ihram was not begun now, Ihram will be begun after making intention of the mind and recitation of the following prayers اللهم لبيك لا شريك لك لبيك إن الحمد والنعمة والشكرلك. After the binding Ihram You shall cover your head by upper side of this sheets then You shall recite 2 Rakat of Nafal of Ihram, but It will not be prayed in disapproved time conditionally. You can perform it after wearing cap, because the Ihram was not begun now. It will be better that the sheets of will be bound in your tnent ,then the Nafl of Ihram will be prayed at the tent also. You will not make intention of Ihram now. When the Airplane will be gone on flight, the Intention of Ihram will be made suddenly, without waiting time of the  Announcement. Before the reaching of Airplane in area of Meeqat. You shall not sleep before the entering in the area of the Meeqat. In case you have passed the Area of Meeqat without binding Ihram Dam will be imposed necessary, means You shall scarify a sheep or goat after reaching in the Area of Harame Muqaddas. You will be late in make intention of Ihram after the going of the airplane on sky. These Advises were given for precaution. In case, your flight became late or by any reason the Hajjam Kiram not reached Makkah so the process of the binding of Ahram will be difficult to be followed. You shall not open the dresses of Ihram till, you would scarify one animal in Hram Makki so that it will be better to make intention after the going of the airplane on flight

Who are going to Medina in strait, they will not make Ihram from here, according to the schedule when they will leave from Medina to Makkah, then they will bind their Ihram. Because the Meeqat of is “ZulHulaifah” .

Ihram Of Children

Immature children: if they are smart and sensible, they will bind their Ihram by own to enter, they shall follow rules and regulation of Ihram like the other adults, if they are small and not in position to understand, their guardians or parents such as shall complete the procedures of Ihram with the intention of the mind about their children’s Ihram in all procedures of Ihram. They will get the reward or goodness of Hajj of their adult children. If any mistakes will be committed by their children in the actions or the procedures of Hajj or minor child made a mistake, so their parent will not be punished or tailed by Dam.

Ihram For Women

A woman will live in her tailored clothes, socks, gloves, jewelry can wear too, but her face will must be cleared,  from forehead to chin, but lest there be privacy, cape-like veil will be on her head , which will also cover without touching the face are common in a market, woman will cover her head with the veil to make up little handkerchief or cloth over the head for it, so that the hair from his eyes will be covered, or to have a handkerchief or cloth on her head is not part of the Ihram, head must be opened  to be wiped out, Masah will not be on the fabric. If a woman is in a state of uncleanness ,she will bind ihram in this state, but will not pray 2 Rakat of Ihram. After reaching Mecca She will not enter in the Haram until the purification, when she will be purified and be bathed then she will enter in the Sacred Mosque to perform the Sa’yi and finished Umrah.

Ihram,s Restrictions

(1) When you have set the intention of Ihram, you have gone under limit of the procedures of Ihram. Now you shall not cover your head and face, but every time it will be opened. Woman shall must hide her head, and her face will not be covered: means the cloth will not be set out on her face but privacy will be maintained. (Shami, Volume 3 / Book of Hajj),  pp 497,

(2) You cannot smell fragrance, and cannot apply perfume, if without intention came out the fragrance from anywhere, no problem. This order will be applied by man and woman both, in these conditions soap, toothpaste will not be used by both.

(3) You cannot break the hair from any part of your face, head or from body, and you cannot cut the nails, this order will be followed by men and women both.

(4) You cannot wear sewn cloths.

(5) You cannot sleep with you wife and cannot do sex with her, can talk only with her and you can maintain the talk of the marital relationship with her. This order also will be applied both men and women.

(6) You cannot wear a shoe as it will cover the emerging bone of your foots (Sleeper) or nimble as it will be used by men only.

(7) You cannot uproot grass, plant or tree branch could not be braked, this order will be applied specially for both men and women.

(8) You cannot hunt animals of sanctuary nor make them victims. This order will be applied for both men and women. Whether in Hram or out of Hram are not permissible, even cannot kill something very small from your head, three of something very small if died by You, so something little as Sadqah must be given as a much charity. If You have killed something very small more than three the saqah Fitr will be imposed obligatory. However, there are 8th restrictions, made especially for the men and the 6th restrictions for women, otherwise it is necessary to sacrifice a goat. In some cases sanction will be made against You to give Dam.