Four Day Of Haj 11 Zil Hijjah

Today you have no more work to do, if You have Scarified on 10 Zulhijjah and tawwaf ziyarat not did till the date, today You can do it , if did it ,so well, today’s special work is; there are three devils, seven stones and pebbles will be thrown on them flapping. The time of the stoning will be begun afternoon, and it will be remained up to Subh Sadiq in the early morning disseminating absolutely not hurry up, At the first on the little devil the pebbles and stone will be thrown, each pebble will be throwing. At the time of each pebble the following prayer will be read:

بسم الله الله أكبررغما للشيطان ورضا للرحمن

“In the name of Allah He is the greatest, I am beginning the stoning for the humiliating the devil to make him angry and for the pleasing of Allah. When the smaller and little devil would be stricken by seven stones and pebbles hitting him, then You will go on distance towards of Ka’ba as a person of crying hand picking them, then You can pray above mentioned prayer. This is the place of acceptance then that Satain who is in meddle will be striken by seven pebbles and stone, each pebble will be thrown with reciting the above mentioned prayer, this is   place of acceptance.You will be remained on the same  the distance after the striking the biggest devil seven pebbles and stones reciting the above mentioned prayer thus seven pebbles and stone will be thrown on him ,here the prayer will not be recited but the above mentioned prayer will be recited after reaching Mina.This night will be passed by in Mina

The time of the striking pebble and stone will be began at the time of Zawal of 11 Dhullhijjah to the Subhe Sadiq of 12 Dhulhijjah.