Fifth Day Of Haj – 12 Dhulhijja

If the sacrifice and Tawwaf Ziyarah were not done till the time and date due to some reasons and these will be done to till the Maghrib prayer of the day; this is the righteous and last time .if these will not be performed to day,Dam will be given obligatory, and after the giving Dam you have to do Tawwaf also,    It will be considered obligatory for You.

Today is the fifth day,

today’s special work, there are three devils, seven ,seven pebbles and stones will be thrown on them flapping. (The Shami, vol 3 Kitabul Hajj).
Each pebble will be thrown with reciting the prayer, the first and second Satan will be graveled shoot by stoning of You; from a bit You will become far away for the same distance then recite the prayer .The third devil, will be stricken and graveled shot by stoning then du’aa will not be recited.

Today’s Pebble hitting time will be began from time of the Zawal of 12 dhulhijjah and it will be remained to the Subhe Sadiq of the 13 dhulhijjah. Don’t hurry up and don’t rush. in the day. You can strike Satan in night also, the stoning of the 13 Zulhijjah is optional, if you have taken rest and stayed in Mina for the stoning of 13 dhullhijjah, will be better for You. After finishing the obligatory duties of Haj and action, if You want to go Makkah, You can go, but remember that You must go before the Subh Sadiq of 13 dhulhijjah .In case, You would become late by any reasons, now stoning of the 13 dhulhijjah will be imposed on You to do so.

The stoning of 13 dhulhijjah will be considered obligatory, now without stoning of 13 You can not go, so sequentially first small, then medium and then large devils to be stoned by the seven seven pebbles of stone.

Programme will be set up for the stoning before the sunset 13 dhul hijjah and stoning of 13 will be finished before the Maghrib prayer, If the stoning would not completed before the Maghrib prayer of 13 so Dam will be considered compulsory to be given so.(The Shami, vol 3/p 542 Kitabul Haj.

Now Allah have completed your Haj with strict criteria, now you have no any kind of special work. but just a job longer, when you have to exit from Makkah, the exit Tawwaf must be performed by You, which was called”tawaafe Wida’a“. only tawaaf not Sa’yi, if You did not get the opportunity to perform Exit Tawwaf , so there is nothing wrong. After the completion of Haj, how many days You will stay in Makkah you can perform additional Tawwaf,Aditional Umrah for You and for Your families and relatives,these will be accepted, and You should pray to Allah frequently, why this is the big Blessed place, where the prophets and their sacred step taken place happily.