The Third Of 10 Dhulhijja Yawm un Nahar

The third day of Hajj is known in Arabic as يوم النحر  or the Day of Sacrifice, it is also known as Eid-ul-Adha. There are two opinions on the origin of this name Yawm-un-Nahr:The first refers it back to the time of Ibrahim. When Allah tried Ibrahim and commanded him to sacrifice his son Ismael, the practice itself is called نحر Nahr or slaughter and sacrifice. Muslim scholars reported this incident to happen on that day of the year.

The strongest opinion is based on the actual practice of نحر the massive slaughter of sacrificial animals on the day of Eid. On this day of hajj which is the day of Eid-ul-Adha or the day of sacrifice, millions of Muslims around the globe, whether in Hajj or not, will be commemorating the event of the trial of Ibrahim and his son Ismael and will be offering their sacrificial animals or Udhiya and Qurbani, following the example of their forefather Ibrahim.

This day by far is the most blessed and virtuous day of the entire year. The Messenger of Allah said:

(إنَّ أَعْظَمَ اْلأيَّامِ عِنْدَ الله تبارك وتعالى يَوْمُ النَّحْرِ ثُمَّ يَوْمُ الْقَرِّ)

“The best day with Allah is Yawm-un-Nahr, the day of sacrifice and then Yum-al-Qarr (the day that follows, when the pilgrims reside in the camps of Mina for worship).” (Ahmad, Abu Dawood and an-Nasa’iee).It is considered so virtuous because of the amount and variety of acts of worship offered on that day by the millions of pilgrims and Muslims around the world. A list of these acts were mentioned in a previous post on the virtues of the ten days of dhul hijjah.

What do the pilgrims do on that day?

In the early hours of Yawm-un-Nahr the majority of the hujjaj will start their day from the plains of Muzdalifa. Once they finish Fajr prayer, they stay in the Mash’ar al-Haram or the site of Muzdalifa until close to sunrise then they start their march to Mina.

On their way to Mina the pedestrian pilgrims will go through the opened valley of Wadi Mu’hassir, where many Muslim historians believe the incident of the elephant of Abraha the Abyssinian took place. On Yawm-un-Nahr, the pilgrims are obligated to perform four specific rites of Hajj, these four are done in no specific order.

To stone the major jamarat or the jamra of the major Aqaba with seven stones. This station is on the site of Mina is the farthest from Muzdalifa and the closest to Makkah. It is also positioned on the boundaries that separate Mina from Makkah. This station of the Hajj used to be the most dangerous station, over which many lives perished in multiple stampedes right until the development of the new facility in Mina. One misconception is that people think they’re obligated to get the pebbles from Muzdalifa when in reality they can get pebbles from anywhere in the area as long as it is not directly from around the post of the jamra. To shave the head or shorten the hair for men and to clip a bit of the hair for women. This practice is done as a symbolic gesture to remove the sin and filth of one’s soul and body.

To offer the had’y or the sacrificial animal whether by hand which is the most preferable method or by proxy. The sacrifice can be made of any of the permissible stock animals. This rite is an obligation on those who perform the hajj in the form of Tamatu’ or Qiran in which the hujjaj perform both Umrah and Hajj joined or separate. Anyone who performs the Hajj as a single ritual without Umrah is not obligated to offer this sacrifice. To perform Tawaf (circling seven times around the Ka’bah) and Sa’y (to run between the two hills of Safa and Marwa). This Tawaf is known in Hajj as Tawaf-ul-Ifaadah or Tawaf-uz-Ziyaarah. It is this particular rite that is most important of the four.

The pilgrim remains in a full state of Ihram until three of the four are done. He remains in a partial state of Ihram as long as the Tawaf is not done yet. Once the Tawaf is done then he or she can leave the state of Ihram. In some cases where the pilgrim would not be able to perform the Tawaf on the first day due to legal excuse such as illness for men or having the beginning of menstruation for women, the pilgrim in this case has to delay the Tawaf until the excuse no longer exists. There are other Fiqh opinions which permit menstruating women in particular to do their Tawaf if their company cannot wait for them until they become pure, and in this case they do the Tawaf out of necessity. These four rites have no specified order according to the majority of the schools of thought in Fiqh. The Messenger of Allah was asked about these rites and the how they were performed by the hujjaj and he was not asked about anything the was made before or after but he said: “Do and there is no harm.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Once the hujjaj throw the stone on the major Aqbah, they can stop their Talbiyah and start their Takbeer of the Eid. “Allahu Akbarul Allahu Akbarul Allahu Akbar, Laa Ilaaha Illa Allah. Allahu Akbarul Allahu Akabr, wa lilla-hil hamd.” If the pilgrim is unable financially to perform the had’y or sacrificial animal, he or she is then required to fast three days during their stay in the Hajj season and seven at their convenience when they get back home.

If the hujjaj are caught in the Haram in Makkah in Tawaf and the Eid salat starts, they are not supposed to stop their Hajj practice to join Eid prayer. They should continue with their Hajj. Some of the Hujjaj go straight to Makkah first, they do their Tawaf, they shave their heads and they know that the sacrifice has already been done on their behalf. At night they head to Mina in civilian clothes to do the throwing of the jamra and then stay in Mina to spend the night as part of their Hajj obligation.

Regardless of whether the hujjaj completed their jamra or not, they are all required to continue their Hajj by moving to Mina again to spend the night or most of the night in the camps there. They continue their worship, and get to know each other and learn more about Muslims from all over the world.

Four Day Of Haj 11 Zil Hijjah

Today you have no more work to do, if You have Scarified on 10 Zulhijjah and tawwaf ziyarat not did till the date, today You can do it , if did it ,so well, today’s special work is; there are three devils, seven stones and pebbles will be thrown on them flapping. The time of the stoning will be begun afternoon, and it will be remained up to Subh Sadiq in the early morning disseminating absolutely not hurry up, At the first on the little devil the pebbles and stone will be thrown, each pebble will be throwing. At the time of each pebble the following prayer will be read:

بسم الله الله أكبررغما للشيطان ورضا للرحمن

“In the name of Allah He is the greatest, I am beginning the stoning for the humiliating the devil to make him angry and for the pleasing of Allah. When the smaller and little devil would be stricken by seven stones and pebbles hitting him, then You will go on distance towards of Ka’ba as a person of crying hand picking them, then You can pray above mentioned prayer. This is the place of acceptance then that Satain who is in meddle will be striken by seven pebbles and stone, each pebble will be thrown with reciting the above mentioned prayer, this is   place of acceptance.You will be remained on the same  the distance after the striking the biggest devil seven pebbles and stones reciting the above mentioned prayer thus seven pebbles and stone will be thrown on him ,here the prayer will not be recited but the above mentioned prayer will be recited after reaching Mina.This night will be passed by in Mina

The time of the striking pebble and stone will be began at the time of Zawal of 11 Dhullhijjah to the Subhe Sadiq of 12 Dhulhijjah.

Fifth Day Of Haj – 12 Dhulhijja

If the sacrifice and Tawwaf Ziyarah were not done till the time and date due to some reasons and these will be done to till the Maghrib prayer of the day; this is the righteous and last time .if these will not be performed to day,Dam will be given obligatory, and after the giving Dam you have to do Tawwaf also,    It will be considered obligatory for You.

Today is the fifth day,

today’s special work, there are three devils, seven ,seven pebbles and stones will be thrown on them flapping. (The Shami, vol 3 Kitabul Hajj).
Each pebble will be thrown with reciting the prayer, the first and second Satan will be graveled shoot by stoning of You; from a bit You will become far away for the same distance then recite the prayer .The third devil, will be stricken and graveled shot by stoning then du’aa will not be recited.

Today’s Pebble hitting time will be began from time of the Zawal of 12 dhulhijjah and it will be remained to the Subhe Sadiq of the 13 dhulhijjah. Don’t hurry up and don’t rush. in the day. You can strike Satan in night also, the stoning of the 13 Zulhijjah is optional, if you have taken rest and stayed in Mina for the stoning of 13 dhullhijjah, will be better for You. After finishing the obligatory duties of Haj and action, if You want to go Makkah, You can go, but remember that You must go before the Subh Sadiq of 13 dhulhijjah .In case, You would become late by any reasons, now stoning of the 13 dhulhijjah will be imposed on You to do so.

The stoning of 13 dhulhijjah will be considered obligatory, now without stoning of 13 You can not go, so sequentially first small, then medium and then large devils to be stoned by the seven seven pebbles of stone.

Programme will be set up for the stoning before the sunset 13 dhul hijjah and stoning of 13 will be finished before the Maghrib prayer, If the stoning would not completed before the Maghrib prayer of 13 so Dam will be considered compulsory to be given so.(The Shami, vol 3/p 542 Kitabul Haj.

Now Allah have completed your Haj with strict criteria, now you have no any kind of special work. but just a job longer, when you have to exit from Makkah, the exit Tawwaf must be performed by You, which was called”tawaafe Wida’a“. only tawaaf not Sa’yi, if You did not get the opportunity to perform Exit Tawwaf , so there is nothing wrong. After the completion of Haj, how many days You will stay in Makkah you can perform additional Tawwaf,Aditional Umrah for You and for Your families and relatives,these will be accepted, and You should pray to Allah frequently, why this is the big Blessed place, where the prophets and their sacred step taken place happily.

The Second Haj 9 Zil Hijjah

Today , Tashreeq, also will be begin, so after the Fajr prayer, the man will recite the following prayers

الله اكبر الله أكبرلا إله الا الله ألله اكبر والله أكبر ولله الحمد

with a loud voices and women in a low voices, obviously.  The days of Tashreeq will be begin from Fajr Prayer of 9/Zul hijjah to Asr Prayer of 13 Zulhijjah-It will be considered obligatory prayer on the man and woman at a time of their lives .
9/ Zulhijjah is the Grand day of Haj. Today you have to go from Mina to Arafat after the Sun rising of the day .Arafat is on the distance of 6 miles from Mina as a big field, there is the Nimrah Mosque. In the ”mosque “ Zuhar and ‘ Asar together will be prayed, The Imam of that generation were coming from the province of Najd and remained the passenger, so they are shortening the two prayers in two two Rakah, You can also shorten these Prayers, If You will be the passenger  of less than fifteen days of your stay, so You will  shorten these prayers with Imam, and if You are residents,You have to perform four-Rak’ah, so when Imam misses the two Rak’ahs of Zuahr after the turning face by Slam (greeting) and you quickly stand up and without reciting al-faatihah and the soorah and You will complete 2 Rakahs after kneeling prostration of Ruku and Sajdah. Then You will turn your face to right and left with two slam (greeting), And what’ will be with the ‘ Asr Prayer of the day with the Imam, when Imam will pray the two Rak’ah of Asr after his winding of Slam and turning face tow right and left, so immediately You will stand up for your two Rak’ahs of Asar Prayer. You will complete, your Asar prayer. There are some problems due to reason of not knowing, despite the being resident, greeting turn with Imam by slam so in this case their prayer will not be completed. Your prayer will be important to be repeated necessarily, but now a days there crowd will be much and more. The crowd that could be in your tent. You can forgot Your Tent in crowd. So it will be suitable for You that You will pray the congregation of zuhar at the time of the zuhar and ‘ASR at the time of the’ ASR prayer in your tents. You will not perform here Zuhar and Asr Prayer both in one time, in your tents. Then you will recite Du’aa frequently. it is the time of the prayers and the time of the acceptance. This is the day of forgiveness. In this days Allah will come in the sky of the world in the descent States, so the whole time will be busy in prayer and in this way we must attract Allah by greeting and reciting the prayers frequently.

(The Shami,vol 3 ,p 518-524 Kitabul Haj.

 Routines of Arafat

the following four actions in Arafaat after the prayer of Zuhar are preferable(1) Fourth Kalimah will be recited 100 times as

لاإله الا الله وحده لا شريك له له الملك وله الحمد  وهو علي كل شئ قدير


Shuabul Iman 4074

(2) Surah Ikhlas will be recited 100 times with Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم قا هو والله احد الله الصمد لم يلد ولم يولد ولم يكن له كفوا احد

Shua’bul Iman,by Jabir,

Drood Ibrahimi will be recited 100 time in the last with the adition of Alaina Ma’ahum(3)

اللهم صل علي محمدو علي آل محمد كماصليت علي إبراهيم وعلي آل إبراهيم إنك حميد مجيد وعلينا معهم  وصل علي محمد وعلي آل محمد كما باركت علي آبراهيم وعلي ‘ال إبراهيم إنك حميد محيد وعلينا معهم.

(4) Istighfar100 times which was memorized by You as:

أستغر الله ربي من كل ذنب و أتوب عليه

The day of Arafat will be begun from the time of Zawal dated 9 zul Hijjah and will be remainem to Subah Sadiq of 10 Zul Hijjah.And there are one wajib also as who reached Arafat in 9 Zulhijjah,he will stay in Arafat necessarily to the time of the sun setting of the ,if he will escape before the sun setting of the day he will give dam which will be considered obligatory ,otherwise his Haj will not be accepted any how,
Without performing the prayer of Magrib in Arafat You will have to run away from Arafat to Muzdalifah ,and after reaching Muzdalifah You will pray prayer of Maghrib and Isha both in muzdalifah with a Adhan and Takbeer in the time of Isha. The congrigetional prayer of Maghrib will be start soon after Azan of Isha and after the completing Maghrib Prayer ,The Prayer of Isha will be started. After the completing the Isha Prayer ,the 2 Rakat of the Sunnah of Maghrib will be prayed then Sunnah of Isha will be performed and Drood will be recited. this night you will have to pass in Muzdalif

The stay in Muzdalifah for some time after the Fajr prayer will be considered compulsory ,If he will escape before the Fajre so Dam will be consired

obligatory to be given by him. Every person will collect pebbles stones in large equal to big gram not to small ,not too big

(The Shami, vol 3 p.529-534

The First Day Of The Haj 8th Zillhijjah

In the days of Haj specially go to Makkah Almukarrma for the special actions to be performed. it is called Haj.There are the five days to perform the action of Haj:-
before the 8th dhul hijja, means be ready after the Prayer of Isha on 7th dhul hijja to pray the actions because rushes are more there, so the gentlemen educator will be ready after the prayer of Isha to take them to Mina.According to the guide line of Muallim they will be free from doing a bath and then they will bind Ihraam with the intention of doing Haj as  لبيك اللهم لبيك

لبيك لا شريك لك لبيك إن الحمد والنعمة لك والملك لا شريك لك

The women will recite with a low voice  (The SHAMI, vol 3/P563-564
The 8th dhul hijja is the first day of Haj, To You  will arrive Mina on the 8th all Hujjaj Kiram will reach Mina.At the time of the going Mina all requirements and some equipment of the Mina such as a pair of dresses, Sheets of Ihraam, air pillow, the لنگی, plastic مصلی, mat, curtain (sheets), bread, fruit, plundered, soap, 100 or 150 Riyals  the purse of the stones, bag to keep the Slippers etc.will be taken just. More equipment and weight will not be taken because here you will walking away, your cover card will be kept up every time with You, After  reaching Mina your tent number and  the name of the road in which the tent will be situated will be written or preserved by You for your own instruction.
You have to pray five Prayer in Mina such as Zuhar, ‘ASR, Maghrib, ‘Isha’ and Fajr of 9th  dhul hijja , these five congregational prayers will be prayed in Your tent , by the members of the whole Tent, and the rest of the time will be busy by the prayers and You will keep himself in the remembrance of Allah and You will go through these. (The Shami, vol 3/ p 815 the Kitabul Hajj).